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Skumtø is a Danish online retailer specializing in providing customers with a wide range of cleaning products, including household cleaners, detergents, and cleaning tools. Established in 2021, Skumtø has been committed to ensuring cleanliness and offering exceptional customer service.

Skumtø’s goal and dream is to help others get their cleaning done quickly and easily. We all have busy lives with family, friends, and work, so cleaning can sometimes seem like a tiresome task that takes up the entire weekend and takes away time with loved ones. To help the customers get more spare time, Skumtøsen supplies products that actually work.

Results from integrating Upboost.AI

Overall revenue growth
Revenue from Upboost
Average order value growth

Strategy and tools

To tackle the upsell revenue increase challenge for Tuttelu, we devised a comprehensive strategy that encompassed the following key elements:

Optimized Checkout

The layout of the checkout was optimized to make sure the upsell offers were placed most advantageous. 

AI Insights

An AI engine was used for data analysis of existing customers along with the purchase pattern of new customers.

Graphic Design

The design layout was updated with CTA buttons and customized colors. 

Order Bumps & Post-Purchase Recommendations
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The case

A brief history of how we did it


Skumtø faced several challenges, including intense competition and the need to increase customer acquisition and retention rates. The company needed effective techniques to promote additional purchases and boost overall sales without compromising customer satisfaction.

To overcome these challenges, Skumtø decided to implement Upboost AI to drive revenue growth. Recognizing the potential of AI technologies to optimize the online shopping experience, the company embarked on a journey to enhance customer engagement and conversion rates on their website. Skumtøsen aimed to maximize revenue by increasing the average order value through upselling techniques.

Skumtø wanted to benefit from partnering with Upboost AI on their transformative journey. By leveraging the expertise and experience of our seasoned Visual Merchandisers, Skumtø could receive guidance in overcoming their challenges, implementing effective solutions, and unlocking their full potential for success.


Skumtøsen forged a strategic alliance with Upboost AI, driven by the ambition to attain numerous goals through the implementation of our innovative solution. The foremost objective was to generate substantial growth in revenue by tackling the upsell revenue issues.

Besides financial considerations, Skumtøsen also sought to elevate the overall customer experience. This encompassed the provision of better-suited, complementary products to customers and ensuring an individualized touch in every interaction with the platform. The ultimate aim was to convert routine transactions into meaningful and invaluable engagements.

Moreover, Skumtøsen placed significant emphasis on optimizing upsell strategies. They aimed to present a meticulously curated selection of complementary products in a personalized manner, thereby heightening the likelihood of customers upgrading which is exactly the solution Upboost AI could deliver.

In close collaboration with Skumtøsen our Success Manager implemented the best practice strategies including:

Product Bundling: Upboost AI engine analyzed Skumtø's product offerings and identified complementary items that could be bundled together. By creating product bundles, we aimed to entice customers with discounted prices while increasing their average order value. For example, when customers added a limescale remover to their cart, the AI would offer a product bundle containing gloves and a scouring sponge.

Tiered Pricing: We utilized tiered pricing to encourage customers to purchase higher-priced products. By presenting various product options with differing features and price points, we provided incentives for customers to upgrade their purchases. This strategy allowed Skumtø to cater to customers with different budgets and preferences, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Order Bumps Implementation: Skumtø implemented AI algorithms to analyze customer behavior, browsing patterns, and purchase history. By understanding each customer's unique cleaning needs, the AI system intelligently generated personalized product recommendations. This feature guided customers towards relevant cleaning products based on factors such as cleaning preferences, specific areas or surfaces to be cleaned, and any special requirements. These tailored recommendations aimed to provide customers with valuable guidance, leading to higher engagement and increased conversion rates.

Suggested Add-Ons: Upboost AI integrated order bumps by recommending additional products to customers during the checkout process. These add-ons were strategically positioned by our Visual Merchandiser to provide value and enhance the primary product's functionality. For instance, when customers added a Oven- and Grill Cleaner to their cart, Upboost AI suggested purchasing a scouring sponge as an order bump, ensuring customers received enhanced product value.


Overall, the implementation of the Upboost AI software at Skumtø was incredibly smooth. The software seamlessly integrated with the existing website infrastructure and provided valuable features with the help of our Success Manager. The features enhanced the overall shopping experience for customers, leading to increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, increased sales for Skumtø

Furthermore, the Upboost AI software was easy to install and configure, requiring minimal technical expertise. This made the implementation process quick and efficient, without disrupting the normal operations of the website. The software also offered a user-friendly interface, allowing the Skumtø team to easily navigate and make adjustments to optimize the performance of the AI features.

The integration of the AI software opened up new possibilities for Skumtø to personalize the shopping experience for their customers. Through its advanced algorithms, the software suggested relevant products to each individual customer based on their browsing and purchasing history. This increased the chances of customers finding products they were interested in and motivated them to make a purchase.

The solution from Upboost AI was implemented with the help of our Visual Merchandiser. It was important for us to make sure that a seamless and calculated implementation was used. The site needed customization and personalization of the pages and checkout layout.

The Visual Merchandiser made sure of strategically placed product recommendations, related items, and personalized offers to enhance the customer's shopping experience. By leveraging Upboost AI's advanced algorithms, we ensured that the right products were displayed to the right customers at the right time.

During the implementation process, our team also focused on optimizing page load times and ensuring a smooth transition between pages.

In addition to the visual aspects, the implementation also involved integrating Upboost AI's solution with the existing e-commerce platform seamlessly. The Success Manager worked closely with Skumtøsen's team to ensure a smooth integration, eliminating any potential technical glitches.

The true testament to the success of our partnership with Skumtø can be best illustrated through the words of the individuals who were actively engaged in this collaboration. Here, we present testimonials from stakeholders within Skumtø's organization:

"On nearly every other order we receive, the average basket value is significantly increased solely with the help of this tool." - Brian, CEO, Skumtø


Upboost AIs Success Manager continuously monitors and updates AI models on Skumtø to ensure they are adapting to changing customer preferences and market dynamics. This iterative approach enables us to consistently refine their upselling strategies, providing a seamless and personalized experience for each customer

Our AI platform utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to carefully analyze vast amounts of customer data. By doing so, we can detect patterns, trends, and shifts in preferences with great accuracy. This automated monitoring process allows us to stay ahead of the game and make real-time adjustments to optimize upselling strategies.

Through constant updates, our AI models learn and understand the nuanced preferences of each individual customer. This ensures that their experience is tailored to their unique tastes, increasing the chances of successful upselling. Instead of relying on generic recommendations, our AI adapts to the specific needs and desires of each customer, creating a truly personalized journey.

Moreover, thanks to our iterative approach, our AI models are quick to adapt to changing market dynamics. Whether it's shifts in consumer behavior, emerging trends, or fluctuations in demand, our AI is always up to date. This agility enables Skumtøsen to capitalize on opportunities and proactively adapt the upselling tactics to maximize revenue generation.

Ultimately, our iterative approach and continuous monitoring allow us to consistently refine upselling strategies, delivering a seamless and personalized experience for each customer on Skumtø

By implementing Upboost AI’s strategies and order bumps, Skumtø experienced significant improvements in their business metrics. The average order value increased due to customers being enticed to purchase additional items through product bundling, tiered pricing, and suggested add-ons. Moreover, the implementation of order bumps resulted in higher conversion rates and repeat purchases, strengthening customer loyalty and streamlining revenue growth. In cooperation with Upboost AI, Skumtø's successful utilization of upsell strategies showcases their commitment to enhancing customer experience while driving business success.

Overall, the decision to integrate Upboost AI proved to be a game-changer for Skumtø By leveraging the power of AI technologies and employing innovative upselling techniques from the physical stores, Skumtøsen were able to overcome their challenges and achieve sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive e-commerce landscape

The successful partnership demonstrates Upboost AIs expertise in leveraging AI to drive tangible results in the e-commerce sector and positions Skumtø with future potential to become an even bigger e-commerce success.

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