Wavell x Upboost

Wavell X Upboost

Wavell sold 120+ insurance packages and 100+ additional products in just three months with our orderbump script.

At Wavell.dk, the pursuit of exceptional sound takes center stage. The belief in the profound impact of superior audio quality, coupled with elegant and functional design, defines the core philosophy of Wavell. Specializing in unique designs of headphones and electronic products, Wavell.dk has become synonymous with impressive audio performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Wavell.dk operates in the electronics and audio equipment industry, offering a diverse range of headphones and electronic products designed to cater to every taste and need. From wireless earphones to speakers, Wavell.dk prides itself on delivering products that seamlessly blend functionality with style, suitable for both professional and leisure contexts.

Results from integrating Upboost.AI

Overall revenue growth
Revenue from Upboost
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Strategy and tools

To tackle the upsell revenue increase challenge for Tuttelu, we devised a comprehensive strategy that encompassed the following key elements:

Order bump

The layout of the checkout was optimized to make sure the upsell offers were placed most advantageous. 

AI Insights

An AI engine was used for data analysis of existing customers along with the purchase pattern of new customers.

Graphic Design

The design layout was updated with CTA buttons and customized colors. 


Ad-ons of specific products to specific customers from the target group. 

The case

A brief history of how we did it


Before embracing our solution, Wavell.dk encountered specific challenges that prompted a strategic reassessment of their business model. The primary pain points were centered around the need to effectively showcase additional products and enhance the visibility of their insurance offerings.

Showcasing Additional Products: Wavell.dk, with its commitment to offering a diverse range of audio products, faced the challenge of effectively showcasing these additional offerings. The existing setup was not optimizing the presentation of complementary products, hindering the potential for upsells and cross-sells.

Visibility of Insurances: The visibility of insurance options for their products was another hurdle. Wavell.dk's desire to provide comprehensive coverage for their products required a more prominent and seamless integration of insurance offerings within the customer journey. Ensuring that customers were not only aware of but also engaged with insurance options was a key challenge.

In essence, Wavell.dk recognized the untapped potential within their product ecosystem, where additional offerings and insurance options could enhance the overall customer experience. The challenge was to find a solution that seamlessly integrated into their platform, addressing these pain points and transforming challenges into opportunities for increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction.


Wavell.dk embarked on the implementation of our solution with clear and strategic objectives aimed at enhancing their overall business performance.

Selling Accessories: A primary goal was to optimize the sales of accessories related to their headphones and speakers. Wavell.dk sought to create a seamless and engaging customer journey where additional products could be effectively showcased, capturing the interest of customers and leading to increased accessory sales.

Promoting Wavell Care Insurance: Another key objective was to elevate the visibility and uptake of Wavell Care Insurance. This involved strategically integrating insurance options within the customer journey, ensuring that customers not only were aware of the coverage available but also saw value in opting for insurance plans. The aim was to make insurance offerings an integral part of the customer's consideration and purchase process.

Overall Revenue Growth: Aligned with these specific objectives, the overarching goal was to drive revenue growth. By successfully promoting accessories and insurance plans, Wavell.dk aimed to create additional revenue streams that would contribute to the overall financial success of the business.

Enhanced Customer Experience: In parallel, Wavell.dk aimed to enrich the customer experience. The objective was not just to sell additional products but to do so in a way that enhanced the overall satisfaction of their customers. This involved creating a seamless, personalized, and visually appealing journey that resonated with the brand's commitment to quality and design.

In summary, the objectives encompassed both strategic sales goals and a broader commitment to delivering an enhanced and holistic customer experience. The successful attainment of these goals would mark a transformative journey for Wavell.dk in terms of revenue, customer engagement, and overall market positioning.


To meet the unique challenges faced by Wavell.dk, we implemented a strategic combination of our Intelligent Checkout Order Bump for webshops, powered by our advanced artificial intelligence, and the expertise of our highly skilled Visual Merchandisers.

Intelligent Checkout Order Bump: Our Intelligent Checkout Order Bump was strategically integrated into Wavell.dk's online store. This feature leverages sophisticated algorithms to analyze customer behavior, preferences, and purchase history. During the checkout process, it dynamically recommends additional products, seamlessly aligning with the customer's interests. This not only maximizes accessory sales but also enhances the overall shopping experience.

Highly Skilled Visual Merchandisers: To address the specific challenge of promoting Wavell Care Insurance, our team of highly skilled Visual Merchandisers played a pivotal role. They meticulously crafted the insurance offerings, ensuring they were not only comprehensive but also aligned with the brand's ethos. The Visual Merchandisers utilized their expertise to integrate these insurance options seamlessly into the recommendation engine. This personalized approach ensured that insurance plans were presented to customers at optimal points in their journey, making it an integral part of their consideration.

Key Features and Strategies:

  • Customized Recommendations: Our Intelligent Checkout Order Bump tailors product recommendations based on individual customer preferences and behaviors.
  • Strategic Placement: Products, including Wavell Care Insurance, were strategically placed within the customer journey to enhance visibility and engagement.
  • Visual Appeal: Visual Merchandisers ensured that the presentation of accessories and insurance options was not just functional but visually appealing, aligning with Wavell.dk's commitment to design.

In essence, our solution combined cutting-edge technology with the artistry of skilled Visual Merchandisers to create a tailored and visually engaging customer journey. By seamlessly integrating accessory recommendations and insurance options, we empowered Wavell.dk to not only meet but exceed their goals for increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.


The implementation process for Wavell.dk involved a comprehensive strategy, combining direct integration with their Shopify store, the expertise of our Success Manager, and the continuous optimization efforts of a Dedicated Visual Merchandiser.

Direct Integration to Shopify Store: Our solution was seamlessly integrated directly into Wavell.dk's Shopify store. This direct integration ensured a smooth and efficient process, leveraging the capabilities of the Shopify platform to enhance the overall customer experience.

Collaborative Setup with Success Manager: A dedicated Success Manager from our team took charge of the setup process. This individual not only possessed technical expertise but also had a profound understanding of visual merchandising strategies. The collaborative setup involved aligning our solution with Wavell.dk's specific requirements, goals, and brand identity.

Training Sessions for Shopify Integration: To empower Wavell.dk's team to navigate and maximize the potential of our solution within the Shopify framework, training sessions were conducted. These sessions covered the intricacies of the direct integration and provided insights into leveraging features for optimal results.

Continuous Optimization by Visual Merchandiser: Simultaneously, a Dedicated Visual Merchandiser worked in tandem with Wavell.dk's team to optimize the setup continually. This involved fine-tuning the visual aspects, strategically placing recommended products, and ensuring that the overall presentation aligned with Wavell.dk's commitment to design and aesthetics.

Real-Time Data Flow and Ongoing Support: The direct integration facilitated a real-time flow of data between Wavell.dk's Shopify store and our Intelligent Upboost.ai platform This ensured that the system operated with the latest insights into customer behavior. Additionally, our teams remained available for ongoing support, addressing any queries, adjustments, or additional training needs.

Efficiency and Expertise: The combination of direct integration, a Success Manager, and a Dedicated Visual Merchandiser emphasized efficiency and expertise. It allowed Wavell.dk to seamlessly incorporate our solution into their operations, enhance their Shopify store, and continually optimize their setup for the best results.

In summary, the implementation process was marked by collaboration, training, direct integration, and ongoing optimization efforts, showcasing a commitment to efficiency, expertise, and the long-term success of Wavell.dk.


Our solution for Wavell.dk was designed with a keen focus on customization and personalization, tailoring the customer journey to meet the specific needs and brand identity of Wavell.dk.

Tailored Intelligent Checkout Order Bump: The Intelligent Checkout Order Bump was not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it was intricately tailored to align with Wavell.dk's product offerings, customer demographics, and brand aesthetic. Our solution dynamically adapted to the unique characteristics of Wavell.dk's audio products, ensuring that the recommended accessories resonated with their customers.

Visual Merchandising Expertise: The involvement of a Dedicated Visual Merchandiser added a layer of personalization to the solution. This expert worked closely with Wavell.dk's team to craft visually appealing presentations of recommended products, ensuring that the design language seamlessly integrated with Wavell.dk's commitment to aesthetics.

Incorporation of Wavell Care Insurance: The integration of Wavell Care Insurance into the recommendation engine was a highly personalized aspect of our solution. The Visual Merchandisers collaborated with Wavell.dk to create insurance offerings that not only provided comprehensive coverage but also aligned with the brand's values. These insurance options were strategically placed within the customer journey, offering a personalized approach to customer care.

Dynamic Adaptation to Trends: Our solution continuously adapted to evolving trends and customer behaviors. The algorithms powering the Intelligent Checkout Order Bump were finely tuned to capture real-time insights, ensuring that the recommendations remained current and aligned with shifting customer preferences.

Flexibility in Presentation: Recognizing the importance of flexibility, our solution allowed for adjustments based on Wavell.dk's feedback and evolving business strategies. This ensured that the customization extended beyond the initial setup, allowing for ongoing personalization.

In essence, customization and personalization were woven into the fabric of our solution for Wavell.dk. By tailoring the Intelligent Checkout Order Bump, leveraging visual merchandising expertise, and incorporating unique insurance offerings, we created a solution that seamlessly aligned with Wavell.dk's individuality and enhanced the overall customer experience.


The implementation of our solution at Wavell.dk yielded tangible and impressive outcomes, showcasing the impact on revenue and customer engagement.

Insurance and Additional Product Sales: In just three months post-implementation, Wavell.dk experienced remarkable success. Over 120 insurance plans and more than 100 additional products were sold. These achievements were a testament to the effectiveness of our Intelligent Checkout Order Bump in driving upsells and cross-sells within the customer journey.

Continuous Growth: The success story did not plateau after the initial three months. Instead, the numbers continued to rise, indicating sustained growth in both insurance and accessory sales. This demonstrated the ongoing relevance and adaptability of our solution to Wavell.dk's evolving business dynamics and customer preferences.

Increased Revenue Streams: The measurable outcomes translated directly into increased revenue streams for Wavell.dk. The combination of effective upselling strategies and the visibility of insurance options contributed to a significant boost in overall revenue. This impact on the financial bottom line was a key achievement resulting from the implementation.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Beyond the quantitative metrics, the implementation led to an enhanced customer experience. The personalized recommendations and strategically placed insurance options contributed to a more engaging and satisfying journey for Wavell.dk's customers. This qualitative achievement highlighted the holistic success of the implemented solution.

In summary, the results and achievements for Wavell.dk were not only measurable in terms of increased sales and revenue but also reflected in the continuous growth and improved customer satisfaction. The success story underscored the transformative impact of our solution on Wavell.dk's business, positioning them for ongoing prosperity in the competitive audio products market.

The success of our collaboration with Wavell.dk is best conveyed through the voices of those directly involved. Here are testimonials from key stakeholders within Wavell.dk's organization:

CEO, Wavell.dk:
"Upboost Ai's solution transformed how we approach sales and customer engagement. The results speak for themselves—our revenue has seen a significant boost, and our customers are delighted with the personalized experience."

Head of Marketing, Wavell.dk:
"The collaboration with Upboost Ai brought a new level of dynamism to our marketing strategies. The Intelligent Checkout Order Bump and the personalized upselling recommendations have become integral to our campaigns, driving both sales and brand loyalty."

E-commerce Manager, Wavell.dk:
"Implementing Upboost Ai's solution was a game-changer for us. The direct integration into our Shopify store and the continuous optimization by their Dedicated Visual Merchandiser made the entire process seamless. We've seen a remarkable increase in accessory sales and insurance subscriptions."

Customer Service Representative, Wavell.dk:
"The addition of Wavell Care Insurance to our offering has been a win-win for both the customers and our support team. The personalized recommendations make it easy for customers to find what they need, and the insurance options provide an extra layer of trust and peace of mind."



Upboost Ai's solution for Wavell.dk is designed with scalability in mind, ensuring that it not only addresses current needs but also supports the client's future growth aspirations.

Adaptive Technology: Our Intelligent platform Upboost.ai is built on adaptive technology that evolves with the dynamics of Wavell.dk's business. As Wavell.dk expands its product offerings or explores new market segments, our solution seamlessly adapts to incorporate these changes, ensuring a continuous alignment with the client's growth trajectory.

Flexible Configuration: The configuration of our solution is inherently flexible, allowing Wavell.dk to adjust settings, product recommendations, and visual strategies easily. This flexibility ensures that as Wavell.dk scales its operations, the Intelligent Checkout Order Bump remains an agile and responsive tool that enhances the customer experience and drives revenue.

Collaborative Evolution: Our collaboration doesn't end with implementation. We continue to work closely with Wavell.dk, conducting regular assessments and providing insights for further optimization. This collaborative evolution ensures that our solution stays attuned to market trends, customer behaviors, and Wavell.dk's evolving goals.

Enhancements and Features: As part of our commitment to ongoing improvement, Upboost Ai regularly releases enhancements and new features. Wavell.dk can leverage these updates to access the latest tools and strategies, keeping their online store at the forefront of digital retail advancements.

Strategic Planning and Consultation: Our teams engage in strategic planning sessions with Wavell.dk to align our solution with their future plans. Whether it involves entering new markets, introducing innovative products, or refining marketing strategies, we aim to be a strategic partner in Wavell.dk's journey, providing consultation and support.

In terms of future plans, Upboost Ai is open to exploring further collaboration with Wavell.dk on additional projects or enhancements to our existing solution. This could involve customizing features, expanding integration capabilities, or exploring new avenues for personalized customer engagement.

In summary, our solution for Wavell.dk is not just a tool for the present but a scalable and adaptable asset that positions Wavell.dk for sustained growth. The collaborative relationship, flexibility, ongoing improvements, and strategic alignment ensure that our solution continues to be a valuable asset as Wavell.dk charts its future path in the dynamic landscape of online retail.

In conclusion, Upboost Ai's solution has made a profound impact on Wavell.dk's business, redefining the way they approach online retail and customer engagement.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Revenue Growth: The implementation of our Intelligent Checkout Order Bump resulted in a substantial increase in revenue, with over 120 insurance plans and 100+ additional products sold within just three months.

  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: The tailored approach to upselling and cross-selling, combined with personalized recommendations, contributed to an enriched and satisfying customer journey, aligning seamlessly with Wavell.dk's commitment to exceptional service.

  3. Flexibility and Scalability: Our solution demonstrated adaptability and scalability, ensuring that it remains aligned with Wavell.dk's evolving business dynamics, product offerings, and market expansion.

  4. Collaborative Partnership: The collaboration between Upboost Ai and Wavell.dk extended beyond implementation, with ongoing support, strategic planning, and continuous optimization efforts, emphasizing our commitment to being a long-term strategic partner.

Overall Impact:

The overall impact of Upboost Ai's solution on Wavell.dk's business is evident in the tangible results—increased revenue streams, satisfied customers, and a streamlined approach to online sales. The success story of Wavell.dk stands as a testament to the effectiveness of our Intelligent Checkout Order Bump and the collaborative efforts that drive ongoing success.

Looking Forward:

As we reflect on the journey with Wavell.dk, we remain committed to their ongoing success. Our teams are ready to explore further enhancements, adapt to future challenges, and continue supporting Wavell.dk in their pursuit of excellence in the dynamic world of online retail.

In essence, the collaboration with Wavell.dk goes beyond a business relationship; it is a partnership built on shared goals, innovation, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital retail. Together, we look forward to navigating the future landscape, embracing new opportunities, and achieving sustained success in the competitive world of e-commerce.

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