Empower your store with a Digital Merchandiser

Unlock the Potential of AI-driven Merchandising for Your E-commerce Success – All in one place.

App dashboard with sales figures
Order bumps for visual merchandiser
Real-time merchandising

Unlock the power of a Digital merchandiser

Experience Upboost.ai's advanced digital merchandiser, maximizing sales and engagement through AI-driven strategies tailored to your online store's success.

  • Personalized product recommendation
  • Track performance and analytics
  • Predictive analysis
Merchandiser toolbox

Powerful and intuitive AI merchandiser tools

Our platform offers powerful AI merchandiser tools, empowering our experts to optimize store revenue and enhance performance effortlessly.

  • AI-driven product placement optimization
  • Dynamic pricing strategies for maximum revenue
  • Personalization for enhanced customer engagement
Digital merchandising

Webshop optimization done right

Our Digital merchandiser provide analysis, inputs & optimization for the webshop continuously.

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Dedikeret Merchandiser

Forbedr din webshops ydeevne

Din dedikerede merchandiser på Upboost.ai har som fornemmeste opgave, at forbedre din webshops ydeevne. Med sig har de ekspertise i at udforme skræddersyede strategier, som skaber de exceptionelle resultater, optimerer produktplaceringen, priserne og indholdet, så du kan maksimere omsætningen og kundernes oplevelse bliver bedre.

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Intelligent mersalg

Maksimer din omsætning
med strategisk mersalg

Hos Upboost.ai er vores intelligente mersalgsstrategier skræddersyet til din virksomheds behov. Vi prioriterer at maksimere omsætningen og øge kundetilfredsheden gennem personaliserede mersalgsteknikker. Med fokus på dine unikke mål hjælper vi dig med at øge ordreværdien og få langsigtet rentabilitet.

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Merchandiser Opgaver

Optimér omsætningen og
få styr på konverteringsraterne

Opdag, hvordan vores merchandiser-opgaver på Upboost.ai optimerer din butiks omsætning og konverteringsrater. Vores dedikerede merchandisere hjælper med opgaver, der har til formål at forbedre produktplacering, prisstrategier og den overordnede ydeevne. Udnyt deres ekspertise til at udnytte din webhops fulde potentiale og skabe succes.

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Data-drevet beslutningstagning

Tag beslutningerne på oplyst

Få adgang til kraftfuld indsigt med Upboost.ai og brug den til at optimere din webshops ydeevne. Vores platform giver værdifuld datadrevet indsigt så du kan træffe de rigtige beslutninger, der er med til at sikre, at du maksimerer din webshops fulde potentiale.

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing to suit everyone's need

Enjoy a range of features designed to enhance your customers buying experience, all at a price that fits your budget.

DIY Package

Take charge of your online store with our DIY package. Install, set up, and optimize your store yourself with access to all Merchandiser tools

$ 0 / Month + 10% commission
  • Access to all Merchandiser tools
  • Admin dashboard
  • Advanced analytics
  • Free customer support
  • Amazing User Community

Essential Package

Let us handle the heavy lifting with our Essential package. Get a dedicated digital merchandiser to install, set up, and continuously optimize your store.

$ 19 / Month + 10% commission
  • You'll get everything in DIY package PLUS:
  • Dedicated digital merchandiser
  • Review of your webshop
  • Installation & setup
  • Ongoing optimization

Advanced Package

Elevate your ecommerce game with the Advanced package from Upboost AI. In addition to a dedicated digital merchandiser, you'll also have a dedicated Shopify developer to realize your Shopify building dreams and optimize your store to the full potential. Get the Advanced package today!

$ 99 / Month + 10% commission
  • You'll get everything in Essential package PLUS:
  • Dedicated Shopify developer
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Pro Package

Unlock unparalleled growth potential with our Pro package. Alongside a dedicated digital merchandiser and Shopify developer, you'll have a dedicated sales funnel building team to drive revenue and attract more customers to your store. The team will be supporting you reaching your revenue goals.

$ 999 / Month + 10% commission
  • You'll get everything in Advanced package PLUS:
  • Dedicated sales funnels team
  • Access to our full-stack developer team
A vast amount of happy clients & 10+ Agencies

Success stories from our customers

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

Anja & Brian, Skumtøsen Founders

As the founder of Skumtøsen, I can attest to the impact this tool has had on our revenue streams. The simplicity of implementation and the tangible results we've experienced highlight the effectiveness of Upboost. It has become an invaluable asset in our strategy to maximize revenue.

Hjamar Kærn, Wavell Founder

Upboost AI has been a game-changer for Wavell. The order bump script is truly remarkable. We've not only sold over 120 insurance packages but also moved an impressive 100+ additional products in just three months.

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At the moment, the only way to add additional information to invoices is to add the information to the Upboost profile manually.

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