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All in one dashboard

Shopify app

Enhance your Shopify store with our powerful app! Drive more sales by offering personalized product recommendations in the cart and enticing customers with exclusive deals. Increase your average order value and boost customer satisfaction with our user-friendly design. 

Dedicated Visual Merchandiser

Conversion rate optimization

Enhance your e-commerce performance with our advanced Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) solution. By leveraging data-driven insights and proven strategies, we help you transform more visitors into customers, driving higher revenue and growth for your online store.


Create the best customer journey

Customer experience

Deliver outstanding customer experiences that build loyalty and drive growth. Our comprehensive Customer Experience solution enhances every touchpoint of the buyer's journey, ensuring your customers receive personalized, seamless, and enjoyable interactions at every step.

Sell the right products to the right customers

Smart upsell

Imagine not just suggesting additional products but orchestrating a seamless, personalized journey for each customer. Upboost Ai introduces the concept of order bumps and personalized upselling—a dynamic approach to increasing your average order value. Our tools don't just cross-sell; they intuitively understand your customers  with the help of our Visual Merchandisers and present the next logical purchase, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Launch with ease

Seize the opportunity – empower your webshop

Experience the ease of automation, the power of analytics, and the impact of seamless integration. Your journey begins now!